Junctionview Closing

Over the past several years, Junctionview Studios has been home to a multitude of creative individuals and host to dozens of great events. At the end of April 2013, Junctionview Studios will close its doors.

Since the purchase of the building by Nationwide Realty Investors in 2008, the tenants of the space have known that this site would eventually be redeveloped as part of the Grandview Yard Project. Nationwide has served as a very upfront, honest, and helpful landlord over the past several years. For the past years we have worked with them in a positive fashion and now it is time to move on.

While some may view this as a sad event, we would prefer to look at it as part of the road to progress. Tenants of the building will find new homes in other arts buildings and add to the momentum that is taking place in the greater Columbus arts scene.

We invite the public back for two events to celebrate what Junctionview has been over the years.


Agora X | April 13, 2013

The End.

This is a swan song. Junctionview Studios invites you back one last time to come celebrate art, music and community with us. We welcome the community to contact us and get involved in what is sure to be a great goodbye party!

Visit for call for entries and info.


Junctionview Moving Sale | April 20, 2013

Art Supplies, Tools, Great Stuff.

The artists at Junctionview Studios are on the move. At the end of April, everyone will be moving to new homes. We welcome the public to come by our studios to find artwork, tools and supplies, and other great items at discount prices. We don't want to carry it with us, so you can help us out with a bit of cash for our move and take home something nice.

2pm - 6pm

Contact with questions.